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Top 5 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 • (2023 Reviews)

By Digital Mike

Last Updated Feb 16, 2023

The sweet sounds of comfort, durability, and efficiency never get old. In the gaming realm, it’s not hard to find a good chair that’ll last you a few months to a year. The hard part is finding a chair that’ll actually stand the test of time. Do you want to purchase a chair annually or own a throne that sticks with you for years to come? Anyone with a brain would pick the latter option. Welcome to my guide to the top gaming chairs under $200. In this guide, I lead you to the best gaming chair under $200 with 5 brilliant options to choose from.

What I noticed in my experience is that a lot of companies copy each other’s designs and slap a new label on it. That’s why it’s extra important to check user reports for durability issues before purchasing a chair. A lot of the most popular companies have these issues big time, yet people continue to buy from them. These people end up regretting their purchases when they have cracked wobbly armrests a year later, or the chair begins to look like a dog had its way with it.

By following my guide, you avoid these issues and land on the most comfortable chair in this price range. After all, comfort is the most important feature for those marathon gaming sessions when you run through a fat bag of sour gummy worms like it’s nothing.

Chair Specs
#1) Acethrone Gaming Chair
  • #1 Best PC Gaming Chair Under $200
  • Max Recline: 125º
  • Adjustable Armrests: Yes (4D)
  • Model: W185
  • Dimensions: 19.7″ x 20″ x 50.4″ (L x W x H)
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Year
  • Price: $$$
#2) GTRACING Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • #1 Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair Under $200
  • Max Recline: 170º
  • Adjustable Armrests: Yes (4D)
  • Model: GT890M
  • Dimensions: 20.5″ x 21.7″ x 52″ (L x W x H)
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Price: $
#3) Musso Gaming Chair Zero Series
  • Top-Rated Gaming Chair
  • Max Recline: 180º
  • Adjustable Armrests: Yes (2D Up & Down)
  • Model: ZERO SERIES
  • Dimensions: 19.7″ x 20.9″ x 49.6″ (L x W x H)
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Price: $$
#4) HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair
  • #1 Massage Gaming Chair Under $200
  • Max Recline: 155º
  • Adjustable Armrests: Yes (4D)
  • Model: GM002
  • Dimensions: 22″ x 23″ x 53″ (L x W x H)
  • Load Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Year
  • Price: $$
#5) Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style
  • Most Comfortable Gaming Chair Under $200
  • Max Recline: 155º
  • Adjustable Armrests: Yes
  • Model: HDJY001BMJ/CB
  • Dimensions: 21.6″ x 20.8″ x 50.4″ (L x W x H)
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Price: $

Best Gaming Chair Under $200 – Reviews & Guide

As you probably already noticed, there are a variety of options in this price range, certainly, more than you’ll find in the under $100 category. Choose between a massage gaming chair, a racing-style chair, chairs with footrests, and even Bluetooth speakers in this range. When I put together my Top 5 list, I made sure to provide the widest variety for all types of gamers, including PC gamers. My priorities were comfort and value for the money.

Personally, I’ve experienced lower back pain most of my life, and I value good lumbar support for marathon gaming sessions. Without that, I end up dragging myself around the house with a sore back. The chairs in this guide all provide great lumbar support, and the HEALGEN model even has a vibrating massage function in the lumbar region. I noticed a common complaint among reviewers of several popular models about the lumbar cushion being too soft. This is no bueno and something I checked for when creating this guide.

Below, I share reviews of each of the chairs in my Top 5 chart along with the pros & cons of owning them. In each pros & cons section, I share common trends I found in the current owner reviews along with my own thoughts. Once you consider the pros & cons, you’ll know for sure which chair is made to be your throne.

Acethrone Gaming Chair (W185)

The W185 chair by Acethrone is a lesser-known chair that’s 100% built for comfort and longevity. The company has excellent customer service marks and stands behind its extra-long warranty period of 5 years. Outside of the trust factor, this is a flat-out awesome chair. It’s made for PC gaming and office use with a genius ergonomic design. Unlike other chairs made with synthetic PU leather, this chair actually breathes. The honeycomb back and durable fabric allow for more airflow, which equals less trapped heat between your body and the chair. Nobody wants a puddle of sweat covering their back.

I’m a fan of the 4D armrests that move up, down, left, and right (did someone say Double Dragon?). This ensures that the armrests don’t collide with low desks or get in your way. You may find that you like having the armrests and don’t want them in your way during intense gameplay. The W185 armrests allow for full customization.

Several additional highlights of the W185 are a reinforced mesh seat, superior back & lumbar support, an adjustable headrest, and a lumbar pillow for added support. All in all, this is an excellent under-the-radar gaming chair that provides all the most essential comfort features that other chairs skipped. What I’ve found is that a lot of chairs offer bells & whistles and forget what it takes to build a great foundation for a quality gaming chair.

Below are the pros & cons I found reported by current owners in the Acethrone reviews:

  • Whisper-quiet, no annoying squeaking sounds to worry about
  • No sticking to the chair on hot days
  • Easy to assemble, clear instructions
  • No back pain or stiffness after marathon gaming sessions of 10+ hours
  • Excellent lumbar support and a quality headrest
  • High customer service marks
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Adjustable armrests are sturdy and fully-adjustable
  • The seat may feel short to big & tall users
  • The lumbar cushion might be unncessary
  • You may desire more padding than this chair offers
  • Not the best choice for tall people

GTRACING Ergonomic Gaming Chair (GT890M)

Compared to the Acethrone, the GTRACING GT890M chair is more feature-rich and well-known by gamers. Of the top gaming chair brands, GTRACING is one of my personal favorites, and the company’s amazing reviews back up my feelings. Of the current models available for under 200 dollars, the GT890M is the best. One feature this chair has that the other 4 in this guide don’t is Bluetooth 5.0 speakers. If you’re a music lover like me, this is a nice feature to have at your disposal. Aside from music, it’s also awesome to use the speakers for mobile gaming and watching movies.

GTRACING also knows how to build an ergonomic chair for the most comfortable gaming experience. Like the Acethrone, this chair features adjustable armrests that move in 4 directions for full customization. One advantage of the GT890M compared to the Acethrone is a steeper max recline angle of 170º for ultimate comfort during nap time between gaming sessions.

A couple of final highlights are the comfy high-density, cold-cure foam padding, an ergonomic metal frame built to effortlessly maintain good posture, a reliable 1-year warranty, and an SGS-certified heavy-duty gas lift cylinder. All things considered, this is an outstanding gaming chair that delivers excellent value for the money. At the time of this writing, it’s the most affordable chair of the 5 in this guide.

These are the pros and cons I found reported by owners in the GTRACING GT890M reviews:

  • The speakers are clear and surprisingly high-quality
  • Super comfortable
  • Top-notch customer service
  • High-quality materials for the money
  • Excellent lumbar support, especially with the included pillow
  • Solid, sturdy construction
  • Awesome colors to choose from for guys and girls
  • Smooth-gliding wheels
  • Bluetooth not compatible with PS or Xbox
  • A handful of reported problems with the speakers not working
  • Some quality control issue reports
  • A couple of odor-upon-arrival reports

Musso Gaming Chair Zero Series

Out of all the top gaming chairs under $200 on the market, this chair by Musso is the top-rated model. Personally, I like the black model the most because of its sleek appearance. I’m also really liking the large lumbar cushion with this chair that gives me that extra support I need to avoid back pain at the end of the day. The segmented ergonomic design of the chair provides more contours to hug the body and provide additional support without discomfort.

Most people enjoy this chair because of its wider backrest and larger seat. These features become extra special when you first experience the comfort of the 180º recline. There’s even a rocking function to allow for some give during intense gameplay. One minor drawback is the limited adjustability of the armrests. They are adjustable, but only in the up and down directions, which means no rotating them to the side. The good news is the armrests are wider and more comfortable than most other chairs.

Lastly, Musso chairs don’t cut corners. Expect better welds, thicker PU leather, better foam, no wrinkles around the stitching, and easier installation with accurately-drilled mounting holes. You also get the comfort of a 1-year warranty should you run into any issues.

Below are the pros & cons I found reported in the Musso reviews:

  • The neck rest and lumbar support take the comfort level to the highest of highs
  • Simple assembly
  • Has a memory foam type of feel to it
  • Approved by big & tall users
  • No squeaking, wobbling or rattling
  • Fully reclines without tipping over
  • Looks cooler than most other chairs
  • The rocking feature is a nice touch
  • The armrest range could be larger
  • You may find that the chair is more comfortable without the removable lumbar pillow
  • The padding might not feel adequate
  • Some durabilty and quality control issue reports

HEALGEN Massage Gaming Chair (GM002)

Does your lower back get sore when gaming for long hours? A gaming massage chair just might be the solution to your problem. This type of chair comes with internal vibrating massage motors in the backrest. When it’s time to take a break, simply recline to 155º and flick on the massager to go to work.

The relaxing and soothing effects of a vibrating massage while reclined is what sets this chair apart from the others. The icing on the cake is the retractable footrest that makes those massage sessions that much better. Plus, this chair is awesome to use while watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

One key difference between this massage gaming chair and other models is the location of the vibrating motors. Most “massage” gaming chairs are just normal chairs that come with a vibrating lumbar cushion. The HEALGEN GM002 features actual massage motors, and it still manages to include lumbar and headrest cushions for an unbeatable price.

The adjustable armrests feature both lifting and rotating motions (4D) for full customization. The GM002 has a higher load capacity than other chairs in this price range at 350lbs, which makes it a good big & tall gaming chair. Overall, the GM002 is packed with features and is currently one of the top-rated massage gaming chairs under $200.

Here are the pros & cons I found reported by current owners in the Healgen GM002 reviews:

  • The quality of the chair is on par with chairs that cost double the price
  • A professional and efficient customer service team
  • Approved for all-day use without back pain
  • The retractable leg rest is sturdy and quite comfortable
  • Very comfortable armrests
  • You may be pleasantly surprised by the quality and strength of the massage function
  • Very sturdy, no wobbling parts
  • Easy assembly
  • Approved by users over 6’2″
  • The armrests may be further apart than you’d like
  • Some faulty chair reports to be aware of
  • You may find it too firm for your liking
  • Broken part reports

Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style

Last but certainly not least just might be my favorite chair of the 5. The Hbada racing-style gaming chair is another lesser-known gaming chair with an awesome set of features and more awesome owner reviews. There are two versions available: one with a retractable footrest and one without. In my humble opinion, the retractable footrest is worth the small bump in cost, especially considering the way Hbada designed it. I like the way the track easily slides out, then the footrest flips into position.

As far as the shape of the chair, it’s very similar to the GTRACING and Musso designs that are very popular at the moment. One thing I noticed is the thicker padding in the seat. If you look closely, you’ll see that the padding in the seat is thicker than other chairs. According to Hbada, the seat cushion padding is 2.75″ thick. I’m also a fan of the thicker extended backrest for superior comfort.

Final highlights include adjustable lumbar support, a 155º max recline angle, rocking function, adjustable armrests, and the aesthetic quality of the chair. Overall, this is the most comfortable gaming chair under $200 and one of the most affordable in this guide. If you value comfort, this chair is a seriously worthy throne.

These are the pros and cons I discovered in the Hbada reviews:

  • The seat cushion is extra soft and comfy
  • High-quality materials for the price
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions
  • Very quiet, no squeaking parts
  • Approved for marathon PC gaming sessions
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • It looks awesome in person, expect compliments from friends
  • Best value for the money of all gaming chairs in this price range
  • Not the top chair in this guide for the big & tall
  • The seat may not raise up as high as you’d like
  • A couple of quality control issue reports

Bottom Line

Now you know how to choose the best gaming chair under $200 and the features to expect from chairs in this category. I put together a list of features below to summarize your options:

  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Retractable Footrest
  • Full Recline (180º)
  • Adjustable Armrests (Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • 300lb+ Load Capacity
  • High-Quality Foam Padding
  • Head & Lumbar Cushions
  • Vibrating Massage
  • Reliable Warranty

If you haven’t chosen your throne already, use the list above to pick out the features that matter the most to you. Once you’re done, use the link below to check out the key specs in the Top 5 chart and the lists of pros & cons to land on the right chair for you. I made sure to identify all the most important considerations for you already. Enjoy!

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